Frequently Asked Questions

answered by Dr. Arreola

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately at this time, Naturopathic Doctors in the state of California are unable to accept insurance. We do, however, accept HSA/FSA cards as a form of payment, simply check that your account covers visits with a Naturopathic Doctor.

Do you offer payment plans?

On a case by case basis, I do offer payment plans. Keep in mind that the length of the payment plan, cannot exceed the duration of the package. (I.e., the Basic Gut Check package cannot have a 6-month payment plan, since the duration of the package is only 2 months)

Do you see people that are outside of California?

Yes, but there are certain conditions to this type of relationship. I am only licensed in the state of California and due to licensing regulations, I cannot practice naturopathic medicine to the full extent of my training for anyone outside of California. Therefore, if you live elsewhere I can still work with you as a health consultant but I cannot be your doctor.

If I am in California, can you be my primary care doctor?

Although Naturopathic Doctors are trained to be primary care providers (PCPs), I currently am only offering services as an adjunctive care provider. This means I require my patients to have a PCP with whom they may see in person for annual physical exams and management of their prescription medication.

Do you see people that are outside of the USA?

Yes, but there are limitations. Much of the lab testing I offer and supplement recommendations I make are HIGHLY limited to those who are located in the USA. If you are outside the country are interested in my care, I strongly recommend you book a discovery call so we can talk about this in more detail.

Can I have my appointment done in person?

At this time, all patient visits are conducted virtually (either by phone or video chat) through a HIPPA-compliant platform.

Are naturopaths and Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) the same thing?

No, they are not.

  • A “naturopath” is a non-professional term that can be used by anybody. There is no illegality to referring to yourself as a “naturopath” because it does not imply formal education or licensure. Some practitioners that use this term do have some education in natural medicine, whether it be self-taught or acquired through a certification program. However, their education is not equivalent to the intensive curriculum to that of a licensed Naturopathic Doctor 
  • A Naturopathic Doctor has attended an accredited naturopathic medical school where they have completed a post-graduate, 4-year intensive doctoral program. Throughout this program, an N.D. is trained in basic and core clinical sciences including but not limited to: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, clinical diagnosis, botanical medicine, and clinical nutrition. In addition to this, N.D.’s complete ~1500 hours of clinical internship working directly with patients in a primary care setting and are required to pass two national standardized licensing exams in order to become licensed. N.D.’s are also regulated by state-specific licensing bodies and are expected to maintain continuing education credits on a yearly basis.

How is seeing a Naturopathic Doctor different than seeing my regular Medical Doctor? 

Naturopathic doctors receive similar levels of training and share similar diagnostic and assessment skills to medical doctors, but the foundational philosophy of their distinct system of medicine differs from conventional medicine.

  • Naturopathic doctors view symptoms of disease and illness as the body’s attempt to heal itself. We believe that natural approaches to therapy should be used first, and drugs and surgeries should only be used if & when absolutely necessary.
  • Recognizing that health is not just the absence of disease, but the complete mental, emotional, and physical well-being of their patients, naturopathic doctors strive to help you meet your goals in all of those areas. Rather than simply suppressing symptoms, naturopathic doctors work to identify underlying causes of illness and develop personalized treatment plans to address them. This takes an extensive amount of time so your first consultation will typically run from 60-90 minutes long.

Can you fix my problem in one visit?

Unless what I am treating is a simple, acute condition (such as a head cold), then one visit will unlikely be enough. Most chronic health problems require time and consistency in order to see results that will last. Due to this, I see majority of my patients for a minimum of 3 visits and offer a package deal in order to minimize cost. However, you are still welcome to purchase one service at a time.

Why do you only offer packages? What if I only want one visit?

This decision was made after receiving feedback from many of my current clients who expressed a preference for all-inclusive pricing that includes labs and more frequent check-ins. The new structure aims to increase the effectiveness of treatments by including lab testing, providing additional support and regular prepaid follow-up visits. All of which are crucial for maintaining progress and achieving optimal health.

I have more questions about working with you, how can I get in touch?

Absolutely! I encourage all new clients to book a complimentary discovery call where we can meet, go over your current symptoms and health goals and discuss the options I have for you. You can do so, here.

Do you have additional questions or feel something is missing?

Feel free to reach out to me directly by sending an email to and I will respond within 48 hours or less.